Pineville police catch 3 suspects in organized theft ring, say there may be more

Pineville Police continue to investigate after catching three suspects they believe may be connected to an organized retail theft ring.

Officers recovered more than $10,000 in stolen items from a variety of stores in different cities. The shopping spree came to an end Thursday afternoon at Carolina Place Mall as the suspects were caught red handed.

Officers were on patrol at J.C. Penny when they were alerted to the thieves. Police say Rashard Tolliver and Erin Robbs collected 115 items from inside the store and were stashing them by the door.

“From clothing to merchandise and they were putting it close to the door in what we think was a stash and grab. There was a vehicle outside which led officers to a third person,” said Lt. Corey Copley with Pineville Police Department.

The suspects tried to run away but they didn’t get very far. Copley says Kimberly Clarke was outside in the car.

Officers recovered a stolen license plate along with equipment that is used to get rid of sensors that are put on merchandise.

"It’s definitely not their first rodeo. Everything we found is consistent with career criminals and their full time job is probably going around committing these larcenies,” said Copley.

While the suspects were taken to jail Copley says this case is far from closed. Pineville Police are part of the Organized Retail Theft Taskforce.

“We are going to be digging into these three people to see it if leads to other subjects and other arrests,” said Copley.