Pit bull ordinance debated in town hall meeting

The Pineville Town Council is still deciding whether or not to label pit bulls as aggressive animals and keep them on lockdown.

The town is debating new animal ordinances. One, in part, would potentially label pit bulls as "aggressive animals" and keep them bound to a person's backyard with a minimum six-foot fence, or inside a home.

Other sections of the ordinance would not allow dogs to be tied or tethered in a front or side yard. It will also look to label animals with an aggressive history, and keep them on lockdown, on top of the pit bulls.Town Council members said these appear to be the more-likely scenarios.

More than 100 people showed up to Tuesday's council meeting to voice their frustration that pit-bull specific language was even being considered.

"The fact is breeds do not in any shape or form determine a dog's viciousness. We're blaming the wrong end of the leash," pit bull owner Amy Mill said.

A small amount in Pineville are in agreement with labeling pits aggressive.

"While we're advocating for these dogs, when you have one that gets out and tears into a child its a whole different story," one man said at the hearing.

Town Council says a number of pits in the area have owners who are not controlling them. Council wants to draw up an ordinance that would give more control to local police, instead of relying on Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Control. Their theory is that local police can do a better job controlling these animals.

Council says it may vote on the new animal ordinance as soon as its November meeting. Several council members expressed the desire to take pit-bull specific language out of this ordinance, but nothing is official at this time.