Plan Underway to Tackle Redevelopment, Growth in SouthPark Area

There's a new plan underway to tackle traffic, growth, and redevelopment in Charlotte’s SouthPark neighborhood.

The Urban Land Institute just announced that in mid-March, it will hold a week’s worth of meetings with public and private stakeholders in the SouthPark area to help plan for the future.

One of the issues they'll be talking with city planners and developers about is how to handle all the traffic that comes with the growth. Charlotte city councilman Kenny Smith said, “With some of this redevelopment, the city and the planners are able to carve out area for new roads, that otherwise you're not going to be able to build. There's no land for it.”

Smith says the city is paying about $125,000 for the Urban Land Institute to develop what's called the "technical assistance plan" for SouthPark. He says about 16 private companies are also helping foot the bill for the redevelopment plan.