Plane Crash in Lenoir; Pilot Rushed to Hospital

Baxter Hood says he was sitting on his front porch swing, when he heard a small plane rev its engine. Then, he heard something pop and looked up just in time to see the aircraft in a downward spiral. The plane ended up crashing into some woods across the street from his house. Hood said he and another man immediately grabbed their flashlights and ran to help the pilot.

"The plane was turned upside down on top of him,” said Hood. “We cut the cords, his cords and the wings and stuff. We couldn't see him but we could hear him breathing and he was conscious."
Hood said it took emergency crews a while to pull the pilot out of the plane. Once they had him on a stretcher, he says he went back home. The pilot was rushed to an area hospital. We’re working to learn his identity and find out how he's doing. The sheriff's office tells us they'll be releasing more information soon.

The FAA and NTSB are trying to figure out what caused the crash.