Plane Crashes in Kannapolis

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A small plane crashed in Kannapolis, NC off of Westchester Drive Friday afternoon.

The plane landed in the backyard of Bud Welch.

"We were just in the house, my wife and I, we heard a loud noise and kind of a thunk. She looked out the back and said, 'there's a plane in our backyard,'” he said.

Welch told FOX 46 he went into the backyard to check on the married couple inside the plane.

"They left from Canada. They were going to Florida for two weeks’ vacation. They set down in Pennsylvania to go through customs. They were trying to land in Charlotte to refuel and something happened to the plane,” he explained.

The couple was not hurt.

The only thing damaged was Welch’s chain link fence.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation by the FAA.