Plaza Midwood community comes together to stop crime

Recent crimes in Plaza Midwood have brought this community together.
"We have to look out for each other. We want the best for the community. We want the best for the people we work alongside and the people that we live with," Pizza Peel General Manager Meredith Laney said.
"it takes a village they say," Thomas Street Tavern Bar Manager Joshua Ury said.
CPMD tells FOX 46 that 25-year-old Donovan Davis was preying on women who were walking alone since November. One of those attacks, happened in broad daylight.
"So we talked about steps to make sure that we are going to our cars as a group," Laney said.
Police gave business owners photos of Davis and asked them to keep an eye out but they did more than that.
"At night, we make sure that nobody leaves the building alone, make sure we walk them to their car," Coaltranes General Manager Brooks Heijl said.
"We immediately started having our extra door guy walking them back and forth," Ury said.
It was through the Plaza Midwood social media group where that photo spread and the group was able to track Davis's whereabouts and alerted police.
"That neighborhood connection worked and whoever was that person that was able to piece that last bit together, that's fantastic. That's what you want, that's why we do it," Laney said.
Crimes like this may continue but people who live and work here now know, they can count on their tight-knit community to have each other’s back.
"There’s going to be some idiots out there that are going to do some stupid things but we gotta band together and stop ‘stupidism’," Ury said.
CMPD is still trying to connect Davis to other possible robberies in the area but they say this is a good example that community policing does work.