Plaza Midwood man says home under construction is causing flooding, mud in backyard

FOX 46 Charlotte is working to get results for a neighbor in Plaza Midwood that says storm water and mud is sliding from a house under construction and damaging his backyard. All the intense rain we are expecting to see this weekend only makes matters worse.

Michael Miller works hard for what he has and tries to keep his home nice. But with all the mud that moves into his yard, he says he feels like he’s living in a swamp.

“You can see this right here. Nothing but mud,” says Miller. “All the red mud come from up there where they are developing.”

For the last year, houses around him have been under construction. When rain mixes with the developers’ dirt, mud dumps into Miller’s property. He says pipes carrying storm water are pointed at his Plaza Midwood property on Randall Street.

“It’s coming on down this way here I even purchased these cross tires from Home Depot myself.” Miller tried to build a barrier but it was no match for the mud. “The water pressure come down so deep that it knocked them over!”

The sliding sentiment has piled up against his fence and even took out an umbrella in his backyard. Chapter 17 in the City of Charlotte Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Ordinance says people disturbing the land shall take reasonable measures to protect public and private property from damage. But Miller says all he wants is to stop the mud from sliding towards his home.

“I just want to enjoy my backyard and not walk out in a bunch of mud.”