Plaza Midwood restaurant owner says towing practices are costing him business

Businesses in Plaza Midwood say towing companies are costing them customers, booting people’s cars while they’re eating inside. 

Bistro La Bon manager Miguel Cabeda says he’s lost a lot of business because of a new parking partnership that’s leaving his customers with a bad taste in their mouth. 

“You lost a previously loyal and regular customer,” an online review reads. 

“They’re not going to be mad at my property manager, they’re going to choose to never come back here again,” Cabeda say. 

The Central Shopping Center parking problem is also hurting neighboring restaurants like Five Guys and Yama. 

A Bistro La Bon customer says his car was booted and towed the next morning. 

“Had a couple drinks at dinner and didn’t want to drive home,” he said. 

There are signs warning about towing penalties for people who leave their cars, but many customers have been booted or towed while eating at the restaurants. 

“We got booted around 11:30, 11:45 while we were still in the restaurant,” one customer told FOX 46. 

“They were dining with us at the time and we have all the proof,” Cabeda said. 

He says he has surveillance video and receipts verifying when the customers were in his restaurant, but when you look at the parking ticket, something is missing.

“Where the time goes has the date, it doesn’t even have the time.

Now neighbors and restaurant owners want the parking problem fixed before Plaza Midwood customers businesses are locked out.

“It’s not a practice you see at other establishments downtown.

Cabeda says property management changed their parking policy at the beginning of the year and since then the bistro has lost 40 percent of its lunch business.