Police: 3-year-old thrown into Durham pond by father dies

DURHAM, N.C. (AP) --  Durham County Sheriff''s Office say a 3-year-old girl has died while her 5-year-old sister is out of the hospital nearly three days after authorities say their father tried to drown them.

Durham police say Lassiter,29, threw the girls into the pond surrounded by apartment buildings Sunday.

Lassiter was charged with three counts of attempted murder: one count for each of the girls and a third for their 7-year-old brother. Lassiter is in jail pending a hearing next month with bond set at $2 million.

Apartment complex manager Sylvia Scott says Lassiter of Raleigh made no effort to save his daughters.

Scott said Lassiter initially told her he was searching for his kidnapped 7-year-old son Sunday night. Police say the boy ran away from his father and was seeking help.

Durham County Sheriff's Deputy David Earp says he was off-duty and he heard one of the girls crying and waded in to pull them out.

It wasn't until later that Lassiter said he had tossed his 3- and 5-year-old girls into the pond. 

Police Chief Jose Lopez says there's no evidence anyone in the family lived at the apartments.

Charges are expected to be upgraded to murder for the 3-year-old along with the 2 counts of attempted first degree murder.