Police: 57 pounds of marijuana seized at Charlotte-Douglas

Fifty-seven pounds of marijuana was seized at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport Tuesday, according to a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police report.

“That’s a lot. I mean how do you get that into the airport? Do you have your own plane or what?” asked passenger Pat Wilks.

“I would be shocked that someone was that foolish to try to get that through TSA and security,” said passenger Chris Weaver.

A CMPD officer reported the discovery of 26 vacuum sealed bags of marijuana, weighing just over two pounds each, according to a police report.The drugs were found Tuesday afternoon somewhere in the terminal building.

CMPD would not specify where in the airport the marijuana was seized.

“Well, I’m from Seattle and you know they sell that there, but I’m not surprised, I’m not surprised. Because it seems like everything comes through here and I know it’s a challenge for the police officers,” said Wilks.

“There are a lot of reports of people try to take guns through security and you would think that your natural instinct would be why would I try to do anything because they’re really scrutinous when you go through,” said passenger Wendy Fulton.

Just last month, on two different occasions US Customs and Border Protection officers intercepted a total of six pounds of cocaine at Charlotte-Douglas. The feds say the cocaine was found in the luggage of two Jamaican citizens arriving in the US. They were arrested.

But so far, no arrests have been made in the 57 pounds of marijuana case.

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“If it’s over 50 pounds, it’s extra scrutiny because they have to tag it. That seems a little absurd. You would think they would have measured out their marijuana at 49 pounds and cut it off,” said Weaver.