Police: 58 dogs seized from Clover home filled with trash, bugs, and animal feces

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Suspect and one of the 50 dogs seized from the Clover, SC home via York County authorities 

A Clover man is facing animal cruelty charges after more than 50 dogs were seized from his home this weekend after they were found in deplorable living conditions, police said.

Marty Lee Jones, 66, of Clover, SC, was taken into custody at 9:22 a.m. Friday, June 28 after 56 dogs were rescued from his home located along Maxwell Drive.

On Friday, officers were called to the Clover Police Department lobby to speak with Chief Davis of York County Animal Control in reference to an excess amount of dogs on a property on Maxwell Dr. 

Chief Davis explained just one day before 10 dogs were taken from a house on Maxwell Dr. All 10 dogs had an infestation of fleas, a bad skin condition, and were living in unacceptable living conditions. 

Chief Davis said there were more dogs at the home, but the homeowner would not allow any more to be taken away. A search warrant was signed in order to seize the rest of the dogs on the property. 

Once back at the house, police said the homeowner, Jones, stepped outside with a screwdriver in his hand, shut the door to his home, and told officers that "they will not be taking any of the dogs" and proceeded to step toward the animal control officers who were standing outside the house. 

Officers were able to take Jones to the ground, arrest him, and place him in a patrol car. 

Animal Control officers approached the front door again to the home and could see animal feces covering the floors with a foul smell emitting from inside. They said several dogs came to the front door and all appeared to have patchy hair as if they have some kind of skin condition, and they all appeared to be covered in fleas. 

The floors inside the house were covered in trash, bugs and animal feces, police said. Animal Control officers said they saw 'hundreds of flies' also coming out of an open door in the back of the house. 

A total of 58 dogs were seized from the property, Clover police said. 

Once all dogs were removed from the property, Clover police officers and Animal Control officers put on hazmat uniforms and entered the house. While inside, officers observed the floors of the entire house to be littered with feces and trash, exposed live electrical wires, and a foul smell throughout the home. 

Officers said the plumbing in the bathrooms were stopped up with feces and bugs were on the floors, countertops, cabinets and even coming out of the fridge. Also, no food of any kind was found inside the house. This remains an ongoing investigation.