Police: Beware of post-storm cleanup scams

The Fayetteville Police Department is warning homeowners in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew to be aware of post-storm scams. 

Police are asking residents to watch out for scammers impersonating FEMA and power company officials, home repair fraud, charity scams and price gouging.

Over the weekend a new scam popped up with consumers reporting phony emails that claimed to come from the power company. Police said the fraudulent emails include a link that promises updated information on power outages but really installs malware on your device.

For legitimate updates on power outages call all you power directly, police said. 

“Beware of anyone who knocks on your door offering to fix storm damage, especially if they want money up front,” Roy Cooper warned. “If someone contacts you and asks for your personal information, be suspicious, no matter who they claim to be or why the say they need the information."

For more information about post-storm scams or to report a scam go to http://www.ncdoj.com/.

Check out 'how to avoid being scammed' from the Fayetteville Police Department on FB: