Police chase ends in 3-car crash following robbery, shooting

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Police have arrested two suspects they say they robbed a man, shot at him, then led officers on a chase, eventually crashing into innocent drivers on North Tryon Street.

“The gentlemen that were running from the police they really could have hurt someone,” eyewitness Taylor Gore said. 

It all started miles away on Dakota Street off Brookshire Boulevard Tuesday morning. Police say the two suspects stole a man's power tools. When the victim confronted them the suspects fired shots and sped off in a car. 

CMPD spotted the car in the North Tryon area and tried to conduct a traffic stop, but the suspects fled. They chased them, and that's when they slammed into two other cars at 28th Street. 

One of them ran, according to police, but both were taken into custody. 

Gore was working with a construction crew on North Tryon Street near 28th Street when he saw the crash. 

“Once it hit this car, it bounced off another vehicle and winded up in this vacant lot,” Taylor Gore told FOX 46. 

Police say innocent people in the cars the suspects hit were injured but nothing life-threatening. FOX 46’s cameras were there when one person was being wheeled away on a stretcher. 

“Really it caught me off guard because we were working, but after I [saw] what happened, I was just glad everyone was alright,” Gore said. 

We only chase for very serious offenses this being that with a firearm being discharged.

We take every step we can to make sure the public's safe but we have a responsibility to the victim and the citizens to make sure we can apprehend these dangerous criminals.

Police say one of the suspects was on an electronic monitor for a prior offense. CMPD has not released the suspects' names at this time.