Police conduct homicide investigation in Lancaster

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Investigators in Lancaster spent hours on Sunday combing through a home looking for clues in what they are calling a possible homicide. 

Neighbors on South York Street tell FOX 46 Charlotte they woke up to investigators walking in and out of a nearby home.

"I don't know what this world is coming to. It's just going crazy," said neighbor, Scott Hunter.

Lancaster Police say 58-year-old Mildred Burris Arnold was found dead at her home by her daughter. Investigators are treating her death as a possible homicide.

Lancaster Police were joined on scene by investigators from SLED. Both agencies stayed on the scene throughout Sunday. Neighbors tell FOX 46 Charlotte a man and woman lived at the home.

"We have seen the guy and the lady here and there, but wasn't expecting it to look like that," said Hunter.

Other neighbors were echoing that same feeling, saying they never expected to see a home along their quiet street surrounded by crime scene tape.

"We all keep quiet. We all keep to ourselves. We see someone in passing and we wave," said one neighbor. 

Lancaster Police wouldn't get into any specifics, but said they weren't looking for any suspects during their investigation at the home.