Police continue search for hooded suspect who robbed Huntersville McDonald's at drive-thru window

Police in Huntersville are continuing to search for a hooded suspect who pulled out a gun at a McDonald’s drive-thru window and robbed the restaurant. 

“It's pretty scary just to know my daughter works there and the guy just came through the window with a gun,” Natalie Cottun told FOX 46. 

Cottun says she woke up Sunday morning to learn the McDonald’s her daughter works at was robbed at gunpoint.

“I saw it on the internet and it just said Huntersville McDonald’s had been robbed and I didn’t know it was this one,” she said. 

Surveillance video caught the man pointing a gun inside the drive thru window. They say a second man was in on the crime and was caught on camera driving a red four-door explorer.

Cottun says her daughter works during the day so she was not in the restaurant at the time of the robbery, but she says her daughter wasn't even notified by management about what happened.

“She has been there about four months and she didn’t even know it had happened until I said it to her so they didn’t even say anything to her the next day she came into work,” said Cottun. 

Huntersville police tell FOX 46 this is the second time in six months the business has been robbed. The other incident happened back in August, and back March of 2017, the restaurant was robbed in a similar way when man entered through the drive thru window and was armed with a rifle. 

Although no one was injured in the latest crime Cottun says all this just hits too close to home. 

‘It’s awful, it's scary. We live right here and she works right there. This could happen anywhere and it's awful people resort like this on a daily basis now it seems like so it just makes you very cautious at anywhere you're at anymore,” she said.