Police: Crime up 10% in Charlotte-Mecklenburg. Chief Putney shares plan to fight crime in 2016.

Police Chief Kerr Putney faced a tough task this Wednesday.

"I wish I could tell you the numbers bear out all the work that was involved in 2015," said the Chief.

But - he says - it didn't. Crime across the board saw an increase last year including homicides 36.4%, robberies 22.7%, and rapes 11.7%. Part of the solution, according to the chief, is to add more officers.

"You can ask me all you want to about index offenses and the overall crime rate. I'll regurgitate that to you any way you want it. But I’m looking at how you spot reduce in hot spots. Not only am I looking for crime fighters. I’m looking for people who solve problems and long-term problems. That's going to determine what the future of Charlotte looks like," said Putney.

He says in the early 90's, CMPD added 100 officers. Then again in 2008-2009, the department hired 125 cops. Each time, the chief says, the crime rate went down.

Another way he wants to prevent crime is getting more youth involved in gang alternative programs - like the GAP program held at First Baptist Church-West.

"A lot of the delinquent behavior is a result of poor decision-making when they're with their peer-groups. They're trying to satisfy the need for acceptance and security. We have them identify that's what they're trying to do and help them find other ways of doing it," said George Wilkerson.

The chief says more than two-thousand youth have benefitted from crime prevention programs over the past three years. In 2015, he says only 2 percent of them went back to committing crimes.

Here are some other important numbers that came out. The Violent Crime Apprehension Team arrested more than 400 violent offenders last year and helped clear 39-percent of violent cases. 33-percent of the people were arrested within 24-hours.