Police find new drug stash after follow-up visit

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Wesley Fulbright is wanted on multiple drug charges. Deputies attempted to serve a search warrant at his residence but have been unable to locate him. (Iredell County Sheriff's Office)

Officials are looking for the same man they released a couple weeks ago after a slew of new drugs possession charges.

Iredell County officials arrested Stony Point resident Wesley Fulbright, 39, on March 10th on drug related charges and he was released on bond.

While at the residence authorities discovered drug paraphernalia and additional narcotics, and that information was passed along to the narcotics division.

New charges were brought against Fulbright related to those discoveries and a new search warrant was executed on Thursday. Fulbright was not at the residence the search warrant was served and the search for him is ongoing, police say.

During this visit officials discovered more narcotics including prescription meds such as Xanax and Subutex along with $12,000 worth of crystal meth and a gun were seized from Fulbrith's property.

Fullbright is now facing multiple charges including possession of a weapon as a convicted felon and intent to sell drugs.