Police identify getaway driver in Lowell Mini Mart violent robbery

Investigators have identified the man who they say was the getaway driver in a violent store robbery at the Lowell Mini Mart on McAdenville Road Sunday night. A store clerk and her son were pistol-whipped, and a four-year-old boy had a gun pointed at him.

Police are looking for Dustin Lamar Bingham, who they believe was the getaway driver.

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The victim told FOX 46 Charlotte, “As soon as she turned around a little bit, that’s when he put the gun around my neck and started demanding money from me.”

The man who was put in a headlock by the gunman in surveillance video from the Mini Mart in Gaston County says there was one thing that made him fight back.

“He was like ‘I’ll kill the little kid too,’ and then that’s when I reached for the gun when he threatened to kill my nephew.”

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The man was cut above his eye. He says his eye was swollen shut and his face was fractured in several spots when he was pistol-whipped. His mom, the clerk, was also smacked in the head with a gun.

Just moments before the clerk was hit, she pushed her 4-year-old grandson behind her and then told him to run away when the robber came after her.

“It’s just uncomfortable knowing that they’re (the suspects are) still out there.”

On Friday police identified Bingham as the man they say was the getaway driver. Investigators are asking for the public’s help tracking Bingham down.

Police have not identified the robber.

The victim is hoping both men will be caught. He says his nephew is traumatized.              

“He keeps bringing it up. He was like, ‘That man, when that man hit you with a gun,’ and all that other stuff, and I’m just like, ‘Let’s not talk about that, because it’s fine. He’ll go away.”