Police identify man shot, killed at Carolina Place Mall

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Google Maps - Carolina Place Mall in Pineville, NC 

Police have identified a Charlotte man shot and killed inside Carolina Place Mall in Pineville over the weekend as Khali Amir Holmes.

The shooting happened around 12 p.m. inside the DTLR store located in the 10000 block of Carolina Place Parkway. According to Pineville Police, an argument broke out between a DTLR employee and another person who was inside the store before the mall employee pulled out a gun and shot the person at least one time. Officers tell FOX 46 they believe the two knew each other. 

That person was pronounced dead at the scene, Medic said. 

The west side of Carolina Place mall was closed as detectives investigated, while the other side remained open Sunday. The DTLR employee has been taken into custody, Pineville Police said. 

At no time was the public in danger, police said. 

"Right now, no criminal charges have been filed but our investigation remains ongoing. We still have a lot of video and re-interviews scheduled," Pineville police said. "We are also working side-by-side with the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office."

According to the Iredell County Sheriff's Office, a man with the same name and birth date as Holmes was charged in 2017 with statutory rape of a child and four counts of statutory offense with a child by an adult offender out of Iredell County. 

It's unclear if the mall shooting has a connection to the 2017 case.

Fox 46 Charlotte spoke with some shoppers Monday who believe metal detectors may be the best option to try and keep guns out of malls.

“I think it might come to this now, because we need to keep people safe,” said Grace Otto.

“Perhaps if they were to install metal detectors in the doors that people could just easily walk through,” said Judy Tenny.

“We got metal detectors everywhere in this country. It’s getting terrible. It’s no freedom no more,” said Gus Spero.