Police identify man shot, killed at south Charlotte apartment complex

Police say a man was shot and killed at The Retreat at McAlpine Creek Apartments this morning. He's been identified as 22-year-old Tyron Jodie Ervin.

“It feels unsafe. It feels like it can happen again anytime,” a neighbor told FOX 46.

She’s on edge. A heating repairman was too afraid to show his face on camera, believing he came very close to a killer. 

“Knowing that he was just 20 feet away from me that's kind of a disturbing thought,” the repairman told FOX 46.

He was working in the neighborhood next to the south Charlotte apartment complex where Ervin was shot and killed late Monday morning. 

LINK: Homicide investigation underway after body found in south Charlotte

The repairman says he noticed a pickup truck pull up and park in front of the house where he was working. Police later told him they believe that truck may be connected to the murder suspect.

“Luckily he didn't have any aggression towards anybody else but the person,” he said “[I’m] sorry for them. Close to Christmas, this is horrible.” 

A couple of people who live in the neighborhood Bevington Place right behind the apartment complex say they heard three to four gunshots. 

One woman says it's very unnerving especially hearing that police say the killer may have been in their neighborhood.

Police describe this as a "fairly quiet" area, and while they search for the killer they say there is no threat to the public many in the area are still nervous. 

“Stuff like this happens every so often and it doesn't really matter where you live.”