Police investigate 2 deadly shootings at 2 Charlotte shopping centers

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Two deadly shootings took place a two separate shopping centers within 24 hours of each other. One was at the Carolina Place Mall in Pineville, and the other at a cell phone shop in east Charlotte. 

So far, no charges have been filed in either deadly shooting and surveillance video is key in both these cases. Some shoppers are standing their ground after these two popular shopping spots turned into crime scenes. 

"It just makes you more aware of your surroundings,” one shopper told FOX 46. 

"I don't feel we should be kept at home out of fear,” said another. 

On Monday police say 29-year-old Elchin Khalilov was gunned down. He's the owner of an east Charlotte cell phone store. Neighboring employees say it started as an attempted robbery. 

LINK: Owner of cell phone store shot, killed during robbery in east Charlotte

"Nothing is ever worth a life,” a N. Sharon Amity Rd. shopping center employee said.

Those who work at the shopping center tell FOX 46 no customers were inside, but police are inspecting surveillance cameras.  

"I may have even seen the person that was there,” said Ashlyn McCall, who had just driven through the parking lot 10 minutes before the shooting happened.

This comes one day after the deadly shooting at Carolina Place Mall 

“It surprised me because usually we don't have no problem with this mall,” a mall regular said. 

Police say 24-year-old Khali Amir Holmes was shot and killed by an employee of the DTLR store. Investigators believe the suspect and victim had an ongoing dispute. 

LINK: Police identify man shot, killed at Carolina Place Mall

“If crooks want to find a way, they can always find a way to bring a gun inside,” a shopper told FOX 46.

The mall has a no weapons policy, but shoppers have mixed feelings about steps for extra safety. 

"We got metal detectors everywhere in this country it's getting terrible it's no freedom no more," said another.

"I think people should be searched or scanned I think it might come to this now because we need to keep people safe." 

The gunman at the east Charlotte cell phone shop is still on the loose, but police say they do have a description. 

Meantime, CMPD has not released the name of the accused Carolina Mall shooter because he has not been charged.