Police investigating church vandalism they believe is politically motivated

Vandals dumped beer bottles on the front lawn of Grace Baptist Church in Alexander County. It's in response to the church's display against the upcoming alcohol referendum - warning against drunk driving - with painted blood dripping down the drivers door. 

"I think it's a sad day in America where there's no fear of God that people would rather have an alcohol bottle than the God of heaven," Greg Davidson, Alexander County resident said. 

Alexander County has been known as a dry county, but that could change when the community votes in November whether or not to tax and sell all forms of alcohol anywhere in the county. 

Pastor Chapman of Grace Baptist Church told FOX 46 Charlotte he is hurt by the backlash. 

"I do not agree what they done here to the church…and neither does God agree with it," Pastor Chapman said. 

Deputies said 15 beer bottles were thrown in the church's yard; beer bottles with a label reading "If we can't have the tax, you can have the trash."

"This is reality…I mean I don't know any community that alcohol has helped…and what we need is not more alcohol in this county we need less of it," Davidson said. 

Davidson told FOX 46 Charlotte he is against the liquor by the drink referendum. But Shannon Bolick disagrees. She said she sees some benefits for the county. 

"More jobs to the area, more profit for our area," Bolick said. 

Agreeing to disagree, both residents told FOX 46 Charlotte they cannot believe vandals would strike a church over the alcohol referendum. 

"I think it's a crying shame that the opposition that's for alcohol would to such a low level to desecrate a church," Davidson said. 

"Throwing liquor bottles…or beer bottles..or doing damage to property…you can have your opinion…you don't have to do trash like that," Bolick said.