Police investigating east Charlotte apartment fire as arson

Police are investigating an early morning fire at an east Charlotte apartment complex as arson. The fire happened on the 1800 block of Village Lake Dr.

A CMPD police report says a suspect hit the victim over the head with a bottle before setting the place on fire.

“I was gone for 24 hours and the house burned down,” said the neighbor Keiondre Henderson.

He and his girlfriend are no stuck on the outside of the yellow police tape, wrapping their apartment, looking in.

They live in the apartment to the right .The one on the left is where the fire happened.

“My neighbor is actually my niece,” Henderson said, “and we've had altercations before.”

He told FOX 46 police have come to the home numerous times in the past two weeks.

It took 23 firefighters roughly 30 minutes to knock out the flames. While that was going on, FOX 46 captured officers detaining a man down the road. CMPD hasn’t said if the two were connected, but the couple we spoke to say the man lives in the apartment that’s now charred.

Still, questions remain.

“I really want to know what just happened because it's shocking because that's where I live and all my stuff could be gone,” Henderson said.