Police investigating uptick in paintball shootings across Charlotte area

Within the last week, FOX 46 has found that CMPD is investigating at least 10 cases of paintball shootings across the Charlotte area. Homes, cars and even schools are being targeted.

"It hit the window and just came across the house."

The home of Karen Meadows off Mclean Rd. in the University area was hit with gunfire in the early morning hours Tuesday but it wasn't your typical gunfire.

"Just a big, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom and of course it scared me real bad and I was shaken," Meadows said.

It was paintball gunfire and police are investigating along with a number of similar cases.

Paintball shootings are a growing trend, shown on this Instagram video from Atlanta rapper 21 savage.

"We started with about 70 guns last week and as you can see we're pretty much sold out with a lot more on order,” said David Veldof.

He runs Charlotte Alternative Sports where paintball guns are flying off the shelves.

Why is this happening? Well, some are just trying to have fun, but word on the street is others are settling arguments with paintball guns instead of real guns. 

"I'd rather have people solve things with paintball guns than real guns, but I'd also rather have them solve it on a legitimate paintball field."

Last week, CMPD started to investigate a paintball shootout that happened on the highway.

As for Meadows, she has a message for chose her home for target practice: "It's just not smart."

On Wednesday CMPD referred to paintball shootings that are out in the open as foolish, idiotic and irresponsible and there are a number of organized fields across the region where people can gear up and play for fun.