Police launch homicide investigation after transgender woman’s remains found in burned down home

A transgender woman's remains were found in a burned down home in the Steele Creek area back in July, but Charlotte Mecklenburg police say they're now investigating the case as a homicide. 

Police are now working to determine if someone set the house fire on purpose. 

55-year-old Bubba Walker was found days after she was reported to police as missing.

An insurance adjuster found her body two days after Charlotte Fire responded.

LINK: Human remains found at Steele Creek home 3 days after it burned down

Walker was seen just a day before the blaze broke out on July 27 at the home on Kenley Lane.

Firefighters tell FOX 46 that they didn't examine all of the rubble because the site was too unstable and they didn't believe anyone lived at the home.

"It was not safe to put a firefighter in what would be an untenable environment," Battalion Chief Phil Bosche said. 

In 2019, at least 19 transgender people have been killed, according to the Human Rights Campaign.

That number includes two people who were killed within two weeks of each other in South Carolina.