Police: Man in ski mask uses multiple guns to fire into crowd in Gastonia

Gastonia police say a suspect wearing a ski mask fired wildly into a crowd of people Friday. No one was injured, but at least one home was damaged. 

Officers were called to West Rankin Avenue at North King Street shortly before noon where they say a crowd of people were gathered near a home.

"Next thing you know, we just heard 'pow, pow, pow, pow, pow'. It was very close and I just laid there until everything went through," a neighbor told FOX 46. 

She didn't want to go on camera, but said she was left shaken by the incident. She was home when it happened. 

"The police, they just popped up everywhere," she said. 

Gastonia Police tell FOX 46 that, just before noon, the suspect began firing into the crowd. As the group scattered, so did the suspect.

Police say they found multiple shell casings from multiple caliber guns at the scene. 

The same intersection was the scene of a brief chase earlier this summer where a pedestrian was killed and another person was injured.

For those that live in the area, the action is getting to be too much.

"I'll be here a year, December 17, and I've never been through nothing like this," the neighbor said.

Now, they just want it to stop.

"Thank the Lord no one got hurt, that's all I have to say."