Police: Man punched outside popular uptown restaurant

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Police are investigating after a man says he was punched outside of a popular restaurant in uptown, and video obtained by FOX 46 appears to catch the alleged assault. 

Charlotte Mecklenburg police were called to Ink n Ivy at 222 S. Church St. around 10:17 p.m. on Tuesday. Upon arrival, a victim told officers that he was punched by a suspect while on the sidewalk just outside of the restaurant. 

A police report lists that the victim suffered apparent minor injuries, and refused treatment from Medic. 

Video seems to show the victim laying on the ground after being hit. The man who appears to have punched him then walks away.

A witness tells FOX 46 the incident outdoors came after an altercation involving several individuals began inside of the restaurant. 

Police say the victim and the alleged suspect were not know to each other. Officers are continuing to gather information on what led up to the incident.