Police: Rock Hill Officer shoots pit bull after attack

Photo from Google Maps

Rock Hill Police reports one of their officers shot an aggressive pit bull last week.

Officer Long and Dantzler responded to two loose pit bulls Friday in Westover Circle. The officers say a neighbor reported there were two large pit bulls on her porch. She told the officers she opened her screen door slightly and the dogs were mean. Then they ran next door.

York County Animal Control Officer Goss arrived on scene. The police report says Long stepped toward the driveway and a very large pit bull began charging toward Goss. The pit bull bypassed Long and Goss and began to aggressively and viciously run toward Dantzler who was in the neighbors yard, according to the police report.

The officers say the pit bull jumped at Dantzler and he kicked it in the face. The pit bull jumped towards him again trying to bite him. That's when Dantzler shot the pit bull once in the face, according to police. The pitbull ran back to the other house and Goss captured it. 

On Saturday Dantzler and Long got in contact with the owner of the pit bull and told him about the incident. The owner provided documents of the pit bull's last rabies vaccination in 2013. Dantzler cited the owner for violation dog ordinance.

The pit bull was euthanized, according to the Rock Hill Herald.