Police say women being targeted in Huntersville car break-ins

Smash-and-grab crimes against women are on the rise in one Huntersville area neighborhood.

There have been at least four cases in the past two months involving car break-ins at sporting events.

According to police, women are being watched and suspects are breaking into their cars, stealing purses and any kind of identification they can find.

The Skybrook neighborhood pool's parking lot was recently targeted.

In some cases, rental and stolen vehicles with heavily tinted windows are being used to watch people in the parking lots and steal things like IDs, credit cards and checkbooks.

"You think you're in a safe environment, but it seems to be happening more and more," said Paige Ludlow, who lives nearby. "It's unnerving when police say they're targeting women specifically because we have the tendency to leave our belongings in the car and stuff like that."

The majority of these incidents are occurring in places where women would be likely to leave purses.