Police: SC man 'remorseless' after leaving dog in hot car, said he would do same to child

A South Carolina man was arrested after police say he left his dog in a hot car and later threatened the life of an officer.

The incident happened about 2:15 p.m. Wednesday outside the Walmart Neighborhood Market in Rock Hill.

According to police, a woman called and reported that a small dog was left inside a vehicle in the parking lot. The passenger side window was cracked, but the vehicle was not on. Police said the temperature inside the car was 96 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The responding officer was able to secure the dog in the back of his patrol vehicle with the air conditioner on. About 11 minutes later the driver of the vehicle, Jerry Kennedy, returned. 

"Officer Hyman tried to explain to Kennedy the dangers of leaving a dog in a hot car. Kennedy was remorseless, even going as far to say he would leave a child in the hot car," according to the police report filed in Rock Hill.

Kennedy, 65, was arrested for violation of the dog ordinance, abuse of dogs, and taken to the Rock Hill Police Jail, police said. While sitting on a bench in the jail, Kennedy reportedly told the officer that he would find where the officer lived, and when he did, the officer's "ass would be his."

Kennedy was issued a warrant for threatening the life of a public official.