Police search for man who exposed himself inside Northlake Target

Police are trying to track down a man who exposed himself inside the Target store on Northlake Centre Parkway near Northlake Mall.

CMPD says the indecent exposure happened just before 10 pm Monday.

No arrests have been made. CMPD won’t say if they got surveillance video from inside the store.

Some moms tell FOX 46 Charlotte the incident makes them hesitant to go out shopping with their kids now.

“I would be very upset. I don’t want my son seeing another man’s private part,” said a mom who didn’t want her name used.

“It’s disturbing being a mother, I have three girls and just coming here if I was faced with that incident, I probably wouldn’t come back,” said Stacy Elswick.

FOX 46 saw two police cars outside the Target Wednesday afternoon.