Police search for masked man who robbed Plaza Midwood pizza shop

Police are searching for a masked man who was caught on camera holding up employees at a Plaza Midwood pizza shop.

The suspect got away with $200 bucks, and the owner told FOX 46 they have little to no cash at the shop because so many people now pay with cards. Now, she just wants to know why they were targeted.

"Within about two seconds there was a man with a bandanna and a hood on,” Julie Ghazi said. She owns Pure Pizza on Central Ave, "[He] jumps over the counter and put a gun barrel to the chest of one of the managers."

Ghazi says as they were opening up the shop on Friday afternoon, the masked man ran in, and demanded some serious dough.

"He then demanded to know where we kept the money,” she said. "So he took that manager at gunpoint to the back of the restaurant.” 

As the intruder pointed the gun at three managers, one of them goes running out the back of the restaurant. 

"With him leaving, I think that was a saving point for all three of them because he became very distracted," said Ghazi. 

Flustered, the armed thief grabbed $200 dollars in cash and raced off. 

"What could have turned out to be a much worse situation. We just lost some money," Ghazi said. 

Thankfully no one was hurt but their sense of security has been sliced.

"There were verbal threats as well as having a gun pointed right at you, so they were horrified."

With the robber on the run, Pure Pizza continues to serve Plaza Midwood, while neighbors here show support.

"By being here and not being afraid to come back, it's been reassuring. It's been really reassuring."  

Police are still looking for the suspect. If you have a tip, you’re asked to call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600 they are working to identify the pizza pirate.