Police search for owner after car plunges into pond in west Charlotte

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A car crashed into a pond in west Charlotte Tuesday afternoon, and police still don’t know where the owner of the vehicle is.     

It happened right off I-485 and Moores Chapel Road just before noon. The car was pulled out of the pond several hours ago, but a smashed up fence shows the damage done before the car plunged into the water. 

“It’s not something you expect to come home to,” neighbor Margie Van Kirk said. 

Investigators believe the car dove off a wall about 30 feet after going through the fence, and splashed into a pond. No one was inside when investigators got there. 

“Took my kids to school this morning and come home and see everything and immediately just think there's something wrong at my house.” 

One of the neighbors off Samlen Lane tells FOX 46 his brother heard a screeching sound and a splash in the middle of the night, but thought he was having a dream. 

It wasn't until Tuesday morning when someone at the shopping center where the Food Lion is called police.

“It's very concerning we never really put a lot of thought with the Food Lion being behind us we've always felt very safe but to come home and see that it is very concerning.” 

The car was pulled out in about two hours. They flipped it right side up and towed it away. Preliminary information indicates that the car went over the wall of the shopping center, but now investigators can gather more details on how it happened. 

Police say the car is not coming back as stolen. They know who the owner is, and they're working to contact them.

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