Police search for porch pirate in Cornelius

Police are searching for the porch pirate wanted for stealing from a home in Cornelius.

Officers there tell FOX 46 this is the first report of a stolen package they've received.

The Cornelius Police Department posted a message on their Facebook page asking for help finding a porch pirate driving an older model blue ford expedition with temporary tags.

"I don't know what to say about it it's just mind-boggling that they come right up to your door and steal your packages,” neighbor Joseph Cataldi said. 

Cataldi stepped outside his home on Potts Plantation Circle and saw police outside his neighbor’s house saying safety is his number one concern. 

"Hopefully nobody breaks into houses now. So it's a big concern, there's a lot of kids here,” Cataldi said. 

Cornelius Police tell me this is the first report of a stolen package they've received, but porch pirates have become a rampant problem.

According to the 2019 package theft statistics report 31 percent of shoppers had a package stolen during the holiday season and C&R Research estimates that 36 percent of Americans have had a package stolen from outside their home at least once.

"I feel you should be able to have your packages delivered to your house and nobody steals them,” said Cataldi. 

Stealing and opening packages is a federal offense and could carry prison time. Cataldi says his neighborhood is safe. He says there's even a cop living on his block. 

"I’m home all day because I’m retired so I’m here all day. So I’ll be watching more closely to see what goes on." 

Police are asking any neighbors who may have captured the suspect or their vehicle on camera to give them a call at (704) 892-1363.