Police search for suspects after shooting breaks out at Matthews Walmart

The sound of a scuffle followed by the sound of gunshots is what made a family run for their lives in a Walmart parking lot Sunday night. Now they hope surveillance video will help police catch the shooters. 

Charlotte Mecklenburg police are investigating a shooting in a parking lot on Galleria Boulevard in Matthews.

“People were shooting like crazy. We were on the ground behind the car and they were still shooting.”

Dana Knox says she walked out of Walmart and into the middle of a shoot out with her boyfriend and daughter.

“As we are getting to the car we can hear the gun shots start,” said Jason Scury. “First thing I did was reach for her [Knox] and my oldest daughter.”

After a few seconds of silence, Knox’s daughter stood up and was nearly struck.

“As soon as I jerked her down one of the people shot and hit her car,” said Knox. “You go into mother bear mode, like this is your young, this is my kid.”

Soon the shooters scattered, and drove in different directions. The family went inside the Walmart to get help, but says the manager did not bat an eye.

“The parking lot is part of your property, it’s part of your establishment, at least offer a glass of water. I’m baffled,” said Scury.

Knox said the shooting had nothing to do with her family or the employee whose car was also smashed.

“She had a bullet hole in her driver door,” said Knox. “Her back window was busted, and her tired had a hole in it.” 

Now victims to gun violence, the family is rethinking their Sunday night shopping.

“That makes you think that, you go to Walmart, okay, you may wanna go in the daytime,” said Scury.

Knox believes this may have been a drug deal and found a large bag of marijuana left at the scene, but no word on a motive from police as they are still looking for the shooters.