Police searching for hit-and-run driver who struck CMPD volunteer

Police continue to search for the driver who hit and injured trained CMPD volunteer Bill Schweppe, while he was directing traffic Monday night, at the scene of a crash on Park Road and Hillside Avenue.

“He's been a great part of our neighborhood, does a lot of good things for the community,” Jim Gallagher, Schweppe’s neighbor, said.

“It really hits home because this is a brother of ours,” said Sgt. Chris Kopp with CMPD. 

Schweppe is listed as a financial advisor with the Schweppe Group of Wells Fargo Advisors in south Charlotte. According to his bio on the company's website, he's been in financial services for decades.

“It's just kind of bad news, bad luck for he and his family,” Gallagher said.

Gallagher was shocked to learn his neighbor was injured while volunteering with CMPD, something Gallagher says Schweppe really enjoyed.

“I think it's just something he decided to do after his wife passed away suddenly several years ago. It's just something he wanted to get involved in,” Gallagher said of Schweppe’s decision to volunteer, train, and graduate from the police academy as a member of CMPD’s Citizens on Patrol program.

The only description police have of the car that hit Schweppe at the intersection of Park Road and Hillside Avenue is that it's a white four-door sedan.

“In the history of the program, this has never happened, so this is really uncharted territory,” Sgt. Kopp said.

Schweppe had surgery Tuesday and has injuries to his hip area, according to police. He's expected to be ok.

“We're taking care of him, we’re taking care of his family, and we're going to get them through this.”