Police seize meth, paraphernalia from townhouse in Ballantyne

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Credit: Mecklenburg County Jail

Friday afternoon police executed a methamphetamine bust in a neighborhood in Ballantyne.

The meth bust is located on the corner of Marvin and Longstone. Witnesses on scene observed several people being arrested.

Police say a search warrant was executed which resulted in drug paraphernalia and a small amount of methamphetamine being recovered. The suspects were placed under arrest. 

CMPD tells FOX 46 Charlotte, initially, it "thought they had something" in terms of a meth lab bust. Investigators on scene told FOX 46 there was a meth cook happening in the woods behind the town-homes.

CMPD later adding, there was a "trash pile" in the woods with components that can be part of a meth lab but there was no meth lab.

"It's really scary, really dangerous around my kids," said neighbor Alyssa Perez.

FOX 46 Charlotte observed a door that was kicked in at the home of the bust.

"Especially if you pay so much to live in a neighborhood in Ballantyne, you would never think that was happening," said Perez.