Police: Suspect caught hiding in CVS' walls after reported burglary

Photos: Wharton Police Department 

One of four suspects connected to a reported burglary at a Wharton, Texas CVS was found hiding within the exterior pillars of the store, police said. 

The burglary happened at 6:08 a.m. Wednesday, April 24 at a CVS Pharmacy Store in Wharton. 

Officers responded to the scene after getting an Alarm Call from the business. As officers arrived, they said it became clear that there was a burglary in progress. 

Officers quickly set up a perimeter around the CVS Pharmacy. Four suspects were taken into custody after they were found hiding above the business' false ceiling. 

One of the four suspects was found in a particularly interesting area - an exterior pillar. 

"Some still can't believe that we found one of today's four alleged burglary suspects within one of CVS' exterior pillars," the Wharton Police Department wrote on social media. 

Wharton Police said catastrophic damage was done to the ATM inside the store and the security gate that leads to the pharmacy was also damaged. 

This story was reported from Charlotte, North Carolina.