Police: Three Women Attempt to Rob Workers Inside Northlake Mall

The search is on for three women accused in an attempted robbery at a local mall.

Police say it happened inside Northlake Mall as two workers were making a money drop late Sunday morning outside the store, Downtown Locker Room.

One of the employees tells Fox 46 News he found himself fighting off three women who rushed his co-worker, pepper-sprayed her, beat her up and tried to steal a bag of cash. Police say the suspects weren't successful in getting any money, but they did get away and detectives are hoping surveillance photos will help track them down.

Jazzmia Martin said, “I work at the mall, and I know the schedule of how things happen and who’s walking around and if somebody's been watching and seeing that, yeah, I mean it's routine. Somebody definitely I feel like planned that out.”

Fox 46 News asked CMPD if the employees were targeted, but they said they can't answer that, since it's an on-going investigation.