Police: Woman claims she was held at gunpoint by people impersonating officers

"I was about to lose my life. That's all I was thinking of," said Kandice Robinson.

It was the day after Thanksgiving. Kandice Robinson says she was on her way to work as an in-home nurse. She says she was driving on Thompson Road in Mint Hill when she got lost. After getting help from a neighbor she says two people came up to her car.

"They said, ‘Police! Stop before I shoot you!’ We locked eyes. It was a Caucasian man with a Caucasian woman. He said he was a police officer," said Robinson.

She says both pointed a gun at her.

"The Caucasian woman said, 'What are you doing on these streets going back and forth with your hazards on?' I said, ‘I'm looking for an address. I'm going to work tonight to replace another nurse to release her.’ They said, ‘You're lying.'"

Robinson says they let her go after 15 minutes. Mint Hill Police say they spoke with Robinson and the two accused of pointing a gun at her after getting a call about a suspicious vehicle.

Officers say the man denies putting the gun in Robinson's face and says he doesn't believe his wife had a gun at all. Police say the man told them he was afraid for his grandmother’s safety, the woman’s house Robinson had entered to get help.

Mint Hill Police say no charges have been filed and they're not releasing the suspect's names unless they're charged.

Robinson says it doesn’t make sense.

"If I had a gun or anyone I personally knew had a gun and chased anyone down with a gun and threatened their lives and kept them hostage, I think those people would be in jail in two seconds."

Police say they're working with the DA's office to determine what if any criminal charges will be filed.