"Pope is Hope" Campaign

Pope Francis arrived on American soil Tuesday for his first ever visit to the U.S.

A Charlotte woman will be documenting the Papal visit over social media for the "Pope is Hope" campaign, from Philadelphia.

"I know everyone on our team was just glued to the TVs because it actually hit us that this is real. We've talked about this for months and said, 'Oh the pope is coming to America,' but once you see it visually, happening, and you see it firsthand on TV you get chills and excitement in your heart," Krista Jasso, "Pope is Hope" campaign intern said.

20-year-old Krista is a sophomore at Belmont Abbey College. And the youngest member of the "Pope is Hope" campaign through Aleteia.org.

They're using twitter, instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and more to target and engage with millennials in the Catholic Church.

Based out of the social media center in Philadelphia, Krista says she's hoping to catch a glimpse of Pope Francis.

Krista will be on site at the world meeting of families in Philadelphia sharing stories. If you would like to follow, search for "Pope is Hope" on the above social media sites.