Popular restaurant in Harrisburg opens back up after major fire

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Photo by: CFD

A very popular Harrisburg restaurant is back open for business after going up in flames in July.

Firefighters have not said what caused the fire, but some workers think the fire could have started from an electrical issue.

Multiple fire departments had to come help put the fire out. 

Customers stopped by the restaurant bringing sympathy cards and sharing kind words with the owner. People say the restaurant is a landmark in the community and they'll all pitch in to make sure it reopens as soon as possible.

The owner Nikolaos Katsanos had to hang a sign at the entrance of Harrisburg Family House Restaurant to notify customers it will not be open anytime soon.

Katsanos says he rushed to the restaurant after getting a phone call that his business was on fire. "It's difficult for everybody," Katsanos said.

The owner is thinking about his 40 employees who will be out of work until the restaurant is back up and running.

Katsanos says the next step is to talk with the insurance company about how long it will take to fix the roof and the damages inside. He says there will be a grand opening once they are done renovating.