Popular uptown Charlotte restaurant receives 'C' health grade

A popular uptown Charlotte restaurant has multiple health violations, according to an NC Public Health Inspection, some of which have been marked as 'critical.' 

Ink & Ivy, located on Church Street, received a score of 78 after the inspector reported an overall "lack of control in the kitchen" with bare hands touching food, dish issues, food and utensil storing issues and date marking issues.

Several dead cockroaches were seen in the liquor room, and the report goes on to say bartenders were seen bussing tables, customer eating areas and handling money before serving fruit in customer's drinks with their bare hands. There was also no soap at the bartender's sink.

In the freezers and coolers, raw meats were seen out of packaging, and raw pooled eggs were stored over butter, the report says. Food was also being stored without covers, and dirty pans, chipping paint and rust were reported on racks above them. 

Dishwashers were not sanitizing correctly, and some dishes were stored as clean even after staff were told not to use them. The investigator noted that some of these dishes had food and greasy film left on them. 

The inspector also said food, including meat, was not thawed, cooled and stored at the proper temperature.