Porch pirate caught on camera stealing Christmas gifts

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A porch pirate is accused of stealing Christmas gifts right off a woman's porch in Fort Mill, and now York County deputies are asking for your help tracking her down. 

Melanie Henderson was at work when she got an alert on her phone. She watched video from her doorbell, and was shocked by what she saw. 

“I was like ‘come here you're not going to believe this, this girl just walked right up and took these packages off my porch.’ I was like unbelievable,” Henderson said. 

Henderson says a woman who appeared to be smoking a cigarette walked up and snatched packages right off her porch. 

“I know it's serious, but I’m laughing because this girl has no earthly idea that she's been caught on my camera. She didn't see it she didn't look around just walked right up and walked off,” 

The York County Sheriff's Office and Crimestoppers sent out the video hoping someone will recognize the suspected porch pirate. Deputies say she left the fieldstone neighborhood on Brickdust Ct. in this dark four-door car. 

“I just think it's important for people to be aware that there are people who do things like that especially this time of year,” said Henderson.

She says the packages were clothes and other Christmas gifts for her kids and grandkids, and that the companies have graciously agreed to replace the items, but she still hopes the suspected porch pirate is caught.