Possible solution aimed at combatting violence in Charlotte

The violence in Charlotte as of late has been non-stop, and some people living in neighborhoods right outside Uptown are fed up with the senseless shootings. Brantley Kendall lives in Wesley Heights with his wife, and two young children. And for a while, he and his family were the victims of countless burglaries.

Wesley Heights is a neighborhood that is being revitalized, but crime and violence is still happening in the neighborhood and in nearby West Charlotte.

Kendall and other neighbors have started policing their neighborhoods. But they are open to ideas that will stop the violence altogether. The police chief and city council are looking for ways to stop the senseless shooting and violence that has plagued the charlotte community as of late.

One idea, exclusion zones or safety zones. The idea is to label areas with increased crime and declare it a safety zone. Then, if someone is arrested inside that zone they wouldn't be allowed to come back. A method some hope would eliminate repeat offenders from committing crimes in the same neighborhood.

There is still a long way to go before this becomes a reality, but it worked many years ago when the city created exclusion zones in camp green for prostitution and hidden valley for gangs.

CMPD's attorney Mark Newbold tells us "The concept of public safety zones is still in the discussion stage. We are currently reviewing several ordinances that other cities have implemented but there has been no decision as of yet to move forward."