Possible UFO sighting over Lake Wylie

A possible group of 12-15 UFO's were seen above Lake Wylie on Tuesday evening.

A retired U.S. Navy officer says more than a dozen red/orange lights were moving back and forth above the lake. In a report on the National U.F.O. Reporting Center website, he says they circled for 5-8 minutes without a sound.

The National U.F.O. Reporting Center says it has more than 100,000 reports filed of possible U.F.O.'s -- some credible, others not. It believes this report is credible and worth investigation more.

The Center says it is seeing a number of similar cases of red/orange, "fireball-like objects", across the country.

"We can't determine what they are -- that's what makes them so interesting," Director Peter Davenport said. "They're not aircraft, they're not weather balloons, they're not crash dummies, they're not swamp gas -- they're not anything we can point a finger at, which is what makes it so interesting

"They appear to be something out of the scope of our understanding of events on this planet."