Pothole damage claim delayed for drivers on I-85

FOX 46 has been working to get results for more than 20 drivers who hit a massive pothole on I-85 near Brookshire Boulevard on December 2. The incident closed down at least two lanes of I-85 for hours while repairs were made.

"My front left tire went flat, and also I cut my back left tire,” said driver, Jamel Hayes.

Hayes was one of the drivers who hit the pothole that December evening. He paid $320 for repairs on his new Toyota Camry.

He filed a claim with the North Carolina State Attorney General, which was denied. A spokesperson telling FOX 46 NCDOT isn't responsible since it happened in a work zone.


According to the NCDOT website: "If a vehicle was damaged in a work zone for a contracted project, NCDOT will forward the driver's claim to the contractor, who is responsible for the road conditions in the construction area."

For Jamel Hayes that hasn't happened.

"I feel like they should take care of it. I am just trying to get back and forth to work,” said Hayes.

FOX 46 is working to find out why the claim has not been submitted to the contractor.

As for the pothole, it opened two times in the past. An NCDOT spokesperson says they are still working on a permanent fix, but that area of I-85 is being checked daily by inspectors.