Power restored to thousands in Uptown, Southend after equipment failure caused outage

Thousands of neighbors in Uptown and Southend have just gotten power back after a massive outage left many of them in the dark. 

"This intersection is already dangerous with people running the red light, so it's scary," neighbor Madeline Davis said.

Around 3:00 p.m. Thursday, Duke Energy's outage map showed that nearly 7,000 people without power. This included several traffic lights, causing major backups across the area.

"It's rush hour, people are going to be here forever," Davis said. 

Duke Energy said the source of outage was on W Hill Street. They say the cause was "equipment failure along power lines that serve South End area," but crews are still looking into an exact cause. 

"The restaurant across the street and us, we were playing cards together. We couldn't do a whole lot," said Keith Snyder, who works in Southend. 

This comes on top of problems that have shown up several times in that part of the city with power issues that have nothing to do with weather.    

Back in May, FOX 46 told you about parts of Southend went dark because of construction work. Some 6,000 people, were left with no lights. For that outage, though, Duke Energy says there was equipment failure on a line.    

"Rolling into dinner, we just had to change out a few items and we rolled in, and it wasn't much of an issue for us," Syder said. 

By 6 p.m. there were only about 650 outages in the same area. 

Duke didn't say specifically where the equipment failure happened. Parts of Uptown were still in the dark until just after 10 p.m., but power was restored to all.