Prank it Forward: High school students surprise classmate fighting cancer

SAN TAN VALLEY, Ariz. (FOX 10) -We hear a lot about senior pranks this time of year and most of the time, not for a good reason - things like vandalism or damage to school property.

But students at one high school in San Tan Valley are changing that by "pranking it forward" -- doing good deeds and helping others.

This year, the senior rally at Combs High School had a very special surprise in store for Mason Cundick.

The star baseball player, who was diagnosed a month ago with stage four Hodgkin's Lymphoma, made his return to campus on Wednesday.

"I'm doing alright, it's just a struggle..but everyday is a new day, so I'm pushing through it," he said.

What neither Mason or his parents in the stands knew, is that the students have been raising money for him, known as "Big Mase" to help pay for medical expenses.

During the rally, they surprised him with more than $2,000 stuffed into a tissue box.

"It's kind of surreal. It's like an unreal experience. I love the senior class and it's ridiculous what the whole school did for me," he said. "I'm still in shock about it.. the whole thing. I thought it was really cool and I appreciate everyone that did it."

"It's overwhelming, it really is. This school, the coaches, the teachers, have done so much for Mason already, so for them to do this, they're incredible people," said Mason's mother, Paige Cundick.

Mason's father, Roger Cundick, added, "It's tough. Especially to see someone who was so strong at the first of the year down to going to treatment every other week."

"We actually collected money through mason jars, so I think the kids started to get a hint about who it was for and I think that's really what brought the community together and the way we could raise so much money," said Mandi Webster, a CHS teacher and coach.

"It really feels great, it was honestly amazing. There were tears of joy. It was a day Mason and his family will never forget," said Frankie Dominguez, a CHS senior.

"I'm very impressed with what they did. I can't say thank you enough," said Mason.

"I'm really glad to be his dad," said Roger.

The seniors at CHS graduate next week. Mason says he's planning on playing baseball for a community college as soon as he is done with his chemotherapy.