Preparations for 2020 RNC begin following official announcement

The Queen City has officially been crowned as the host of the Republican National Convention in 2020.

Mayor Vi Lyles tweeting out after the vote in Austin Texas, “I believe this convention conveys a positive message supporting our city’s belief in acceptance and inclusion.”

The official convention website is already up.

Council member Larken Egleston, a Democrat, who voted in favor of bringing the convention to Charlotte, says now it’s about moving the city forward to benefit from the event.

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“It’s not just about whether you support the Republican Party or you support the President. It’s about supporting Charlotte now and making sure this goes well and represents our city well,” Egleston said.

The committee will choose between July 12-23, August 16-27 and August 23-September 3, all of those dates in 2020. 

The RNC has until September 15, 2018 to choose one of those time periods for the convention. The RNC has the right to slightly alter those dates under the agreement until December 2019.